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TIdFTP.CurrentTransferMode Property

Indicates the current or efective settings for the TransferMode property during FTP protocol exchanges.

property CurrentTransferMode: TIdFTPTransferMode;

CurrentTransferMode is a TIdFTPTransferMode property that indicates the current transfer mode in use for the FTP client session. During the course of an FTP session, the FTP MODE command may be used to reset the effective transfer mode for the control channel or the data channel based on use of arguments to the FTP commands. 

CurrentTransferMode tracks the current transfer mode state based on these protocol exchanges. 

CurrentTransferMode is used during processing for the Get and Put methods to determine when streaming transfer mode and deflate transfer mode (MODE Z) are required during use of the Compressor property. 

Applications do not normally assign values to CurrentTransferMode, but can read the current value to determine if FTP protocol exchanges have altered the initial TransferMode value.

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