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TIdFTP.ClientInfo Property

Additional information about the FTP client software, revision, and platform for the FTP CLNT command.

property ClientInfo: TIdFTPClientIdentifier;

ClientInfo is a TIdFTPClientIdentifier property that represents additional information that can be provided about the FTP client when performing authentication in the Login method. This includes the name of the client software, and optional software revision and platform identifiers. 

Values in ClientInfo are used when the FTP server supports the extended FTP CLNT command (as indicated in the Capabilities property). ClientInfo value are sent using the FTP CLNT command in the Login method following negotiations for TLS security and proxy server authentication using values in ProxySettings

Set values in ClientInfo prior to calling Connect, or using the Login method when AutoLogin contains False. 

Resources for the ClientInfo property are allocated during initialization of the component, and freed in the Destroy method.

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