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TIdFTPTransferType Enumeration

Indicates the the data representation used in FTP transfers.

TIdFTPTransferType = (

TIdFTPTransferType is an enumerated type that indicates the the data representation used in FTP transfers. TIdFTPTransferType includes the following values and meanings: 


ASCII (7 bit) file transfers 
Binary (8 bit) file transfers 


ftASCII indicates that certain data transformations may be performed when the data storage representations in the two systems are different. It generally indicateds that it is desirable to convert characters into the standard NVT-ASCII representation when transmitting text between dissimilar systems. The sending and receiving sites would have to perform the necessary transformations between the standard representation and their internal representations. 

ftBinary is used when the data representation includes binary data (not character codes) between host systems with different word lengths. It should be noted that FTP provides for very limited data type representations. Transformations desired beyond this limited capability should be performed by the user directly. 

TIdFTPTransferType is the type used to represent the TIdFTP.TransferType property.

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