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TIdFTPRegParseList.CheckListing Method

Finds a registered parser class for a directory listing format.

function CheckListing(
    AListing: TIdStrings; 
    const ASysDescript: String = ''; 
    const ADetails: Boolean = True
): String; virtual;
Text to examine.
System description for the response. Default value is '' (empty string).
Indicates if details are included in the directory listing format. Default value is True. 

String - Identifier for the directory listing parser used for the listing format.

CheckListing is a virtual String function used to find a registered parser class for the directory listing text passed in AListing. 

CheckListing returns a string value with the identifier for the parser class that can handle the directory listing format in AListing. If a registered parser class cannot be located, the return value is an empty string (''). 

Use CheckListParse to locate a parser class and to parse values into the structured directory listing. 

Use ParseListing to text values into a structured directory listing using the parser class identifier retuened from the method.

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