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TIdFTPRegParseList.CheckListParse Method

Examines and parses a structured directory listing using registered parser classes.

function CheckListParse(
    AListing: TIdStrings; 
    ADir: TIdFTPListItems; 
    var VFormat: String; 
    const ASysDescript: String = ''; 
    const ADetails: Boolean = True
): boolean; virtual;
Text for the directory listing to examine and parse.
Structured directory listing collection for parsed values.
Format identifier for parser class.
System description for the remote FTP server. Default value is ''.
Indicates if file and directory details are available in the structured directory listing. Default value is True. 

boolean - True on success.

CheckListParse is a virtual Boolean function used to examine the text for a directory listing, to locate a registered parser for the listing format, and to create and store values in the structured directory listing. 

CheckListParse examines the textual values in AListing to locate a registered parser class in the list that support the format. CheckListParse assignes the identifer from the registered parser class to the VFormat argument. 

CheckListParse calls the ParseListing method to create and store the contents of the structured directory listing in the ADir argument. 

CheckListParse returns True on successful completion of the method, or False if a registered parser class cannot be located for the directory listing format. 

Use CheckListing to locate a registered parser without parsing the content of the structured directory listing.

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