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TIdFTPListBase.CheckListing Method

Detertmines if the class recognizes the specified directory listing format.

class function CheckListing(
    AListing: TIdStrings; 
    const ASysDescript: String = ''; 
    const ADetails: Boolean = True
): boolean; virtual;
Directory listing to examine.
System description from the remote FTP server. Default value is ''.
Indicates if file details are supported for the directory listing format. Default value is True. 

boolean - True when the directory listing format is handled by the current parser class.

CheckListing is a virtual Boolean class function used to detertmine if the class recognizes the specified directory listing format. 

AListing contains the text from an FTP server response that represents the directory listing format to be examined. The parser class uses values in AListing to determine if the specified directory listing format is supported in the current object instance. 

CheckListing is essentially an abstract method and must be reimplemented in a descendant class that recognizes a specific directory listing format. 

Use ParseListing to implement parsing of the content in the directory listing, and updating of the structured directory listing. 

Use ParseLine to implement parsing of file, directory, or device information found in an individual line in the directory listing. 

Use GetIdent to access the identifier for the directory listing format supported by the current parser class.

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