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TIdFSP.RemoveDir Method

Removes a directory on the remote FSP host.

procedure RemoveDir(
    const ADirName: string
Directory to delete on the remote FSP host. 

RemoveDir is a procedure used to delete or remove the directory specified in ADirName on the remote FSP host. RemoveDir calls the SendCmd method using the FSP CC_DEL_DIR command and the value specified in ADirName to peform the request. 

Calling RemoveDir can result in an EIdFSPProtException exception being raised if the specified directory does not exist on the remote FSP host, or when the user does not have permissions to remove the directory.

Raised with the contents of the FSP packet response when the directory does not exist, or the user does not have directory removal permissions.
Use MakeDir to create a directory on the remote FSP host. 
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