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TIdFSP.List Method (string)

Retrieves a directory listing for a specific directory from the remote FSP host.

procedure List(
    const ASpecifier: string
); overload;
Directory specifier on the remote FSP host. 

List is an overloaded method used to retrieve a directory listing from the remote FSP host for the directory specified in ASpecifier. ASpecifier can contain a relative path that uses UNIX-style path delimiters, such as: 


(Root directory) 


When ASpecifier contains an empty string (''), a default value is used that represents the root directory ('/'). 

List creates the TIdFSPPacket instance representing the packet for FSP protocol request using the maximum packet size and preferred packet payload size indicated in ClientMaxPacketSize and ServerMaxPacketSize

List calls SendCmd using the TIdFSPPacket instance for the FSP CC_GET_DIR command. 

List clears any existing entries in the DirectoryListing property prior to and capturing and parsing one or more packets from FSP protocol responses. 

List calls the ParseEntries method for the TIdFSPListItems collection in DirectoryListing to perform parsing of data in the FSP repponse packet. 

Use the DirectoryListing property to access the container with the structured directory listing created from values in the FSP response packet. 

Use StatInfo to access status and statisical information that may be present in the FSP response packet.

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