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TIdFSP.ClientMaxPacketSize Property

Represents the maximum size for client packets in FSP protocol exchanges.

property ClientMaxPacketSize: Word;

ClientMaxPacketSize is a Word property that represents the maximum packet size on the client to support in FSP protocol exchanges. 

ClientMaxPacketSize is used in conjunction with ServerMaxPacketSize to determine the buffer size allocated for UDP packets exchanged in methods implementing the various FSP commands. 

ClientMaxPacketSize is also used to determine the amount of space available for the payload (non-header values) contained in FSP packets. 

The default value for ClientMaxPacketSize is DEF_MAXSIZE, as assigned during initialization of the component. Changing the value in ClientMaxPacketSize can result in an EIdFSPPacketTooSmall being raised when the new property value is smaller than 512 bytes; 500 bytes is the minimum pack set size for the client and 12 additional bytes are required for the FSP header.

Raised with the message RSFSPPacketTooSmall when changing the property to a value smaller than 512 bytes. 
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