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TIdFSPPacket.ReadPacket Method

Reads property values from the binary content of a packet.

procedure ReadPacket(
    const AData: TIdBytes; 
    const ALen: Cardinal
Binary contents of the packet.
Length of the binary contents of the packet. 

ReadPacket is a procedure used to extract values from the binary content of a packet in an FSP protocol exchange, and to store the values in the properties for the object instance. 

AData is the array of bytes that contain the Binary content for the packet. 

ALen indicates the number of bytes to allocate for the buffer required to process the binary contents of the packet. 

ReadPacket creates an internal TIdBuffer instance used to process the binary packet content specified in AData. Processing performed includes extracting values from AData that are assigned to the following properties: 



ReadPacket sets the value of the Valid property to True when ALen is large enough to store the amount of Data indicated in the DataLen from the packet, and the calculated checksum for values received in AData match the checksum stored in the packet contents. 

ReadPacket sets the length of the Data property to match the value read for the DataLen proprty. 

Use WritePacket to format the binary contents of the packet written to a remote FSP host.

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