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TIdFSPPacket.Cmd Property

Command in the FSP packet.

property Cmd: Byte;

Cmd is a Byte property that specifies the FSP command represented in the contents of a packet used in an FSP protocol exchange. 

Cmd contains one of the values defined in the FSP protocol, and represented in the Indy library using the following: 


Get server version string and setup 
Return server's extended info block 
Error response from server 
Get a directory listing 
Get a file 
Open a file for writing 
Close and install file opened for writing 
Delete a file 
Delete a directory 
Get directory protection 
Set directory protection 
Create a directory 
Finish a session 
Atomic get+delete a file 
Atomic get+delete a file done 
Get information about file/directory 
Rename file or directory 
Change password 
Commands > 0x7F will have extended header. No such extensions or commands which uses that are known today. This header will be used in FSP protocol version 3. 
Reserved for testing of new header 


Values in the Cmd property are assigned when the FSP client constructs the packet required for the methods that implement the various protocol commands.

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