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TIdFSPDirInfo Class

Represents permissions and capabilities for a directory on the remote FSP host.

TIdFSPDirInfo = class(TObject);

TIdFSPDirInfo is a TObject descendant that represents information about a directory on the remote FSP host. TIdFSPDirInfo includes properties that indicate permissions and capabilities for the directory, including: 



Please note that FSP protocol server implementations prior to version 2.8.1b6 do not uses bits 6 and 7 returned in the FSP protocol response. This allows the directory to be listable even it do not have 6th bit set. 

Properties in TIdFSPDirInfo are updated when the FSP client performs commands that retrieve information for a specific directory, or when the directory is create by the FSP client. 

TIdFSPDirInfo is the type used to represent the DirInfo property in TIdFSP.

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