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TIdEntityHeaderInfo.CacheControl Property

Specifies the HTTP Cache-Control general message header directives.

property CacheControl: String;

CacheControl is a String property that contains HTTP Cache-Control general message header directives in an HTTP request or response. CacheControl indicates the behavior that prevents a cache from adversely interfering with the request or response, and generally override the default caching algorithms. 

Cache directives are unidirectional, and the presence of a directive in a HTTP request does not imply that the same directive will appear in a HTTP response. 

Some common values for CacheControl in a HTTP request include the following: 


'max-age=' [delta-seconds] 
'max-stale=' [delta-seconds] 
'min-fresh=' [delta-seconds] 


Some common values for CacheControl in a HTTP response include the following: 


'max-age=' [delta-seconds] 
's-maxage=' [delta-seconds] 
CacheControl is not normally implemented for HTTP/1.0, which might 
contain a header value for storage in the the Pragma property that 
contains the value 'no-cache'. 
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