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TIdEMailAddressList Class

Represents a collection of EMail addresses.

TIdEMailAddressList = class(TIdOwnedCollection);

TIdEMailAddressList is a TIdOwnedCollection descendant that contains a list of EMail addresses, or TIdEMailAddressItem object instances. 

TIdEMailAddressList allows Items to be added or maintained in the collection, and can be used to access the list as a TIdStrings instance or as a comma-delimited string as used in many EMail messages. 

TIdEMailAddressList provides methods that allow extracting a list with the unique domain names for email addresses in the list, or extacting a list of email addresses for a specific domain name. 

TIdEMailAddressList may be sorted by Domain name to make it easier to perform processing and delivery for email addresses in the list. 

TIdEMailAddressList is the type used to represent TIdMessage properties that can accept one or more EMail addresses, like Receipients, CCList, and BCCList.

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