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TIdEMailAddressItem.Address Property

Represents the person's Email address.

property Address: string;

Address is a String property that represents an Email address in RFC 2822-compliant form. 

Updating the Name or Address portions of the email address causes the Text property to be updated to reflect the new email address. 

For example: 


   // var AEmail: TIdEmailAddressItem;

   AEmail.Text := '"John Doe" <>';
   // AEmail.Name contains 'John Doe'
   // AEmail.Address contains ''
   // AEmail.User contains 'jdoe'
   // AEmail.Domain contains ''

   AEmail.Name := 'Jane Doe';
   AEmail.Address := '';
   // AEmail.Text contains '"Jane Doe" <>'


Use Text to access the concatenated Name and Address for the email address. 

Use User and Domain to access the mailbox and registered organization for the email address.

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