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TIdDecoderUUE Class

Implements a decoder for data encoded using the UUEncode algorithm and the UUEncode alphabet.

TIdDecoderUUE = class(TIdDecoder00E);

TIdDecoderUUE is a TIdDecoder00E descendant that implements a decoder for data encoded using the UUEncode algorithm. TIdDecoderUUE provides facilities for decoding the 7-bit US-ASCII representation of encoded data into it's original binary format. TIdDecoderUUE also specifies the decoding table for the UUEncode alpahabet in GUUEDecodeTable, and the default FillChar '~'. 

TIdDecoderUUE uses the 4-byte to 3-byte decoding algorithm defined in TIdDecoderUUEBase. TIdDecoderUUEBase handles the UUEncode body line format, which consists of the encoded length followed by the encoded data. 

TIdDecoderUUE is used by other Indy coder classes, such as TIdMessageDecoderUUE, that handle UUEncode message streams in RFC 822-compliant mail messages.

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