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TIdDecoder4to3.ConstructDecodeTable Method

Initializes the coding table used by the decoder.

class procedure ConstructDecodeTable(
    const ACodingTable: string; 
    var ADecodeArray: TIdDecodeTable
String containing the initial coder alphabet.
Table used by the decoder to detect valid characters and ordinal position. 

ConstructDecodeTable is a Class procedure that initializes the CodingTable used by TIdDecoder4to3. All elements in ADecoderArray are initialize to decimal 255, and the valid characters in ACodingTable are overlaid to indicate their ordinal position in the coder alphabet. 

ADecodeArray is used by descendant classes, like TIdDecoderMIME and TIdDecoderUUE, to initialize their DecodeTable properties based on the alphabet for each specific coder.

Constructing a decoder using the encode and decode alphabets. 


  TIdDecoder4to3.ConstructDecodeTable(GBase64CodeTable, GBase64DecodeTable);
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