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TIdDOSAttributes.AddAttribute Method

Sets the Boolean properties of the using a string representation of the attribute for the entry.

function AddAttribute(
    const AString: String
): Boolean;
One or more attributes to apply to the current object instance. 

Boolean - True when attribute(s) have been successfully applied. False when an unknown attribute is specified in AString.

AddAttribute is a Boolean function used to apply the attributes specified in AString to the current object instance. AString can contain one or more attribute values represented as uppercase characters. The character(s) in AString determine which Boolean properties have their value altered, including: 


Property Affected 
Property Value 


The order of attributes specified in AString are insignifcant. All valid attribute values will be applied to their corresponding properties regardless of their order or position in AString. 

Arguments passed to AddAttribute in AString are case sensitive. AString must contain uppercase characters for the attribute values, or no action is taken towards updating the corresponding Boolean properties. 

An invalid attribute value encountered in AddAttribute (including incorrect case) causes any subsequent attributes in AString to be ignored. 

Please note that the Directory and Normal properties cannot be updated using the AddAttribute method. 

The return value for the method is True when all attribute values in AString are valid and applied to the Boolen properties in the current object instance. The return value is False if an invalid attribute value is encountered in AString.

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