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Performs a DNS query to resolve a domain name, and parses the response.

Domain Name to resolve using the DNS query. 

Resolve is a Procedure that implements the processing required to perform a DNS query for the requested resource record types, and handle the response from the DNS server. 

ADomain is the domain name to be resolved in the DNS query using the values specified in AllowRecursiveQueries and QueryRecords. Update QueryRecords and AllowRecursiveQueries prior to calling the Resolve method. 

Resolve creates a DNS query packet, including the DNS header, using the value specified in ADomain. Resolve can raise an EIdDnsResolverError exception if a valid DNS query cannot be created using the values in ADomain, AllowRecursiveQueries, and QueryType. 

Resolve sends the DNS query packet to the server, and reads the DNS response. Resolve calls FillResult (and in turn ParseAnswers) which handles parsing of values in the DNS response into the DNS header and QueryResult values. 

Resolve can raise an EIdDnsResolverError if a timeout occurs, or an incomplete data packet is received, while waiting for a DNS server response.

QueryType AllowRecursiveQueries QueryResult EIdDnsResolverError FillResult ParseAnswers

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