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TIdDICT.GetDictInfo Method

Retrieve information about a specific database on the DICT server.

procedure GetDictInfo(
    const ADict: String; 
    AResults: TIdStrings
Dictionary name for the request.
Stores information about the requeste dictionary. 

GetDictInfo is a procedure used to retrieve information about the database specified in ADict. 

GetDictInfo sends the DICT SHOW INFO command using the value in ADict as an argument. 

GetDictInfo captures the information returned for the database in the AResults parameter variable. The data normally includes source, copyright, and licensing information about the specified database. The information is free-form text and is suitable for display to the user in the same manner as a definition. The textual body of the information is terminated with a CRLF period CRLF sequence. 

Use Server or GetSvrInfo to get information about the DICT server.

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