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TIdCustomTransparentProxy Class

Implements a tranparent proxy or gateway mechanism based on SOCKv5.

TIdCustomTransparentProxy = class(TIdComponent);

TIdCustomTransparentProxy is a TIdComponent descendant that implements a tranparent proxy or gateway mechanism as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 3089 - A SOCKS-based IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism  

TIdCustomTransparentProxy is based on the SOCKS version 5 protocol, and applies the SOCKS mechanism to the heterogeneous communications and relaying between peer connections at the "application layer" (the SOCKS server). 

Since it is accomplished without introducing new protocols, it provides the same communication environment that is provided by the SOCKS mechanism. The same appearance is provided to the heterogeneous communications. No conveniences or functionalities of current communications are sacrificed.

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