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TIdCustomTCPServer.OnAfterBind Property

Event handler signalled after binding socket handles for listener threads.

property OnAfterBind: TIdNotifyEvent;

OnAfterBind is a TNotifyEvent property that represents the event handler signalled during server statup after binding socket handles for listener thread(s). 

During server startup, the definitions in Bindings are used to create one or more listener threads. The TIdSocketHandle instances in Bindings are used to allocate a socket handle, set socket options for the socket handle, and bind the IP address, IP address family, and port number used for the socket handle. 

OnAfterBind is triggered when all of the socket handles have successfully completed these steps. OnAfterBind can be used to perform logging or housekeeping tasks related to the completion of the previous tasks. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. 

The listener thread(s) for the server have not started to listen for connection requests when OnAfterBind is signalled. The IOHandler and Scheduler for the server have already been initialized, however.

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