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TIdCustomHTTP.Put Method (string, TIdStream)

Implements the HTTP PUT command verb.

function Put(
    AURL: string; 
    ASource: TIdStream
): string; overload;
Location to store the resource on the server.
Values to be stored at the specified location. 

string - Response from the HTTP server.

Put is an overloaded method in TIdHTTP, that implements the HTTP PUT command verb used to store the entity contained in ASource at the URI specified in AURL. 

If AURL refers to an existing server resource, the values in ASource are considered to be a modified version of the server resource. When AURL does not exist on the server, a new server resource is created for the values in ASource. 

Put is overloaded to provide a String function that returns the Response from the HTTP Request, or a procedure that stores Response values in the stream specified by AResponseContent. 

Put differs from Post through its use of the values in AURL. For a Put operation, the value in AURL always refers to the values included in the Response content. 

Put calls the protected method used to perform the HTTP transfer.

Raised when the stream in ASource is unassigned. 


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