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TIdCustomHTTP.ProxyParams Property

Represents connection and user authorization values used for a Proxied client connection.

property ProxyParams: TIdProxyConnectionInfo;

ProxyParams is a read-only TIdProxyConnectionInfo property that represents values used in an HTTP request that requires a Proxy connection. 

ProxyParams contains properties that select the Server, Port, Username, and Password used to open and authorize a connection to a Proxy server. ProxyParams also indicates if authentication uses the Basic Authentication algorithm. 

ProxyParams is used when TIdHTTP attempts to set the Host and Port number for the client connection, and when OnProxyAuthorization is triggered for the client connection. The Header representation for ProxyParams is used when the HTTP Protocol handler builds the HTTP request packet and tranmits its content to the host server. 

The Authetication mechanism in ProxyParams is reset when the OnDisconnected event handler is triggered for the HTTP client connection.

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