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TIdCustomHTTP.Get Method (string, array of SmallInt)

Retrieves the content for an HTTP resource.

function Get(
    AURL: string; 
    AIgnoreReplies: array of SmallInt
): string; overload;
The universal resource locator to be retrieved.
Response code to ignore as error when processing the HTTP response. 

string - Content for the requested resource.

Get is an overloaded method used to retrieve the file or data for the resource specified in AURL. 

AURL is the fully-qualified location of the resource including the HTTP URL scheme identifier. For example: 


  sContent := AHttp.Get('');


AIgnoreReplies is an array with numeric response codes to ignore as errors when handling the HTTP response. 

Get calls an overloaded variant of the method to perform the HTTP transfer using a TIdMemoryStream instance to capture the response content. The return value for the method is the String data read from the internal TIdMemoryStream instance.



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