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TIdCustomHTTP.Compressor Property

Handles ZLIB and GZIP content transfer encodings.

property Compressor: TIdZLibCompressorBase;

Compressor is a TIdZLibCompressorBase property that represents the object used to perform ZLIB and GZIP compression and decompression for responses using these content transfer encodings. 

Compressor allows the "deflate" or "gzip" content transfer encodings to be handled when creating a connection to the HTTP server, or when reading an HTTP response from the remote server. 

Applications must assign an object instance derived from TIdZLibCompressorBase to the property in order to allow handling of the response content stream. Assigning a value to Compressor causes the value in the request to include either "gzip" or "deflate" as acceptable encodings in the response. 

Use the ContentStream in the Response to access the decompressed data in the HTTP response.

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