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TIdCustomHTTPServer.ServerSoftware Property

Indicates the server software used to generate the HTTP response.

property ServerSoftware: string;

ServerSoftware is a String property that contains the textual values that identifies the server software used to generate the values in an HTTP response. ServerSoftware is used when an executing connection thread prepares the headers for it's HTTP response in OnExecute. 

Assign the value to use for identifying your server implementation to ServerSoftware prior to listening for or accepting client connections. ServerSoftware, by convention, is expressed as a product name and version number in the form: 

productname "/" versionno 

When ServerSoftware contains a non-blank value, it is used in the TIdHTTPResponseInfo.ServerSoftware property for each client request. If ServerSoftware contains a blank string (''), the value in the GServerSoftware constant is assigned to TIdHTTPResponseInfo.ServerSoftware.

IdHTTP1.ServerSoftware := 'MyCustomHTTPServer/1.0';
IdHTTP1.Active := True;
IdHTTP1->ServerSoftware = "MyCustomHTTPServer/1.0";
IdHTTP1->Active = True;
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