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TIdCustomHTTPServer.ParseParams Property

Requests parsing of query parameters in client requests.

property ParseParams: boolean;

ParseParams is a Boolean property that indicates the string list should be populated with the query values from the client request query string (GET method) or form values (POST method). 

For a client request in the form:


The Params property would contain: 


  color=blue size=10 style=44


The developer has easy access to the value of named parameters using the RequestInfo.Params.Values property: 


  Color := RequestInfo.Params.Values['Color'];


To parse non-standard request query or form data, the ParseParams property should be set to false, and the developer will need to build a parser to extract the parameters from the UnparsedParams property. 

The default value for ParseParams is Id_TId_HTTPServer_ParseParams, as assigned during initialization of the component.

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