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TIdCustomHTTPServer.OnInvalidSession Event

Event handler signalled when a session cannot be restored for a specific SessionID.

property OnInvalidSession: TIdHTTPInvalidSessionEvent;
Client connection generating the event notification.
Header sent in the client request.
Header to include in a response.
Indicates that a new session can be created.
Session ID found in a Request Cookie. 

OnInvalidSession is a TIdHTTPInvalidSessionEvent property that represents the event handler signalled when a persistent session with the specified SessionID cannot be restored from SessionList

OnInvalidSession is signalled when the threaded client connection in Thread is executed. InvalidSessionID is the GSessionIDCookie value that identifies the session to be restored. The event handler can set the value of ContinueProcessing to indicate if the server can create a new session for the threaded client connection. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification.

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