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TIdCookies.LockCookieListByDomain Method

Provides resource protection for write access to Cookies in the Cookie collection.

function LockCookieListByDomain(
    AAccessType: TIdCookieAccess
): TIdCookieList;
Access requested for the resource protection block. 

TIdCookieList - List of Cookies for the specified Domain.

LockCookieListByDomain is a TIdCookieList function that protects write access to resources in the Cookie collection for the using a TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer. 

AAccessType is a TIdCookieAccess value that indicates the access type that should be recorded using the resource protection lock. 

The return value for LockCookieListByDomain is the values returned by the CookieListByDomain method call. 

LockCookieListByDomain is used by method that create or free items in the Cookie collection, like Add and Delete.

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