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TIdCookieManager.GenerateCookieList Method

Generates Cookie text for the specified host and path.

function GenerateCookieList(
    URL: TIdURI; 
    SecureConnection: Boolean = false
): String;
URI specifying the Host and Path for valid Cookie content.
Indicates if a Secure connection is required. Default value is False. 

String - Textual representation of the matching Cookies.

GenerateCookieList is a String function that generates the textual content for Cookies in the CookieCollection that match the Domain and Path for the location specified in URL in the HTTP server request. 

SecureConnection indicates whether Cookies must contain a Secure attribute value before they are included in the generated Cookie content for the HTTP client. 

Cookies in the CookieCollection will not be used in the generated content when Domain, Path, or Secure Cookie attributes do not match the required values. Cookies can also be ignored when they have Expired. 

GenerateCookieList creates and populates a TIdCookieList with Cookie class instances matching the specifieed Host and Path values, and fills the return value with the CookieName and Value for corresponding Cookies in the list. GenerateCookieList frees the TIdCookieList prior to exiting from the method. 

GenerateCookieList is called when an HTTP request is prepared and executed using the Post or Put methods of an HTTP client.

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