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TIdCookieManager Class

Implements a HTTP client Cookie manager.

TIdCookieManager = class(TIdBaseComponent);

TIdCookieManager is a TIdBaseComponent descendant that implements a management facility for persistent HTTP state information, as described in the Internet Standards and reference documents: 

RFC 2109 - HTTP State Management Mechanism  

RFC 2965 - HTTP State Management Mechanism  

Netscape Persistent Client State - HTTP Cookies  

The TIdCookieManager component provides the Add and Add2 methods that enable maintenance of Cookie class instances added to the CookieCollection in an HTTP Client connection. The GenerateCookieList method is provided to create a textual representation of Cookies maintained for a specific URI. 

In addition, TIdCookieManager implements event handlers that allow event notifications during creation or destruction of the TIdCookieManager class instance, and when Cookies are added using the Cookie manager. 

TIdCookieManager is used by a TIdHTTP client in the CookieMananger property when AllowCookies is True. The HTTP client uses CookieManager to maintain a Cookie collection when 'Set-cookie' or 'Set-cookie2' headers are detected in a response from an HTTP server.

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