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TIdConnectionIntercept Class

Specifies a socket handling framework that performs state change and data transformation tasks.

TIdConnectionIntercept = class(TIdBaseComponent);

TIdConnectionIntercept is a TIdBaseComponent descendant that implements a framework for servicing operations that affect the state of the connection, or perform input and output on the transport for a connection. 

TIdConnectionIntercept descendants can be used by TIdTCPConnection and descendants to act as an intermediary between the socket binding for the connection and low-level operations that communicate with the protocol stack. 

TIdConnectionIntercept provides methods to respond to Connect and Disconnect requests for a socket connection. The intercept allows access to data before messages are sent and/or after responses are received. Developers can use TIdConnectionIntercept descendants to encrypt and decrypt data, or to compress and decompress messages. 

Additional methods can be used to perform the Send or Recv operation in behalf of the original socket connection.

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