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Implements stream-based decompression for the ZLib DEFLATE algorithm.

Stream with the compressed values for the operation.
Optional outstream stream for the values after decompression of the deflate algorithm. The default value is nil. 

InflateStream is an overridden procedure the abstract virtual method declared in the ancestor class. InflateStream provides stream-based decompression using the ZLib DEFLATE algorithm defined in RFC 1951. 

AStream is the stream with the compressed values for the operation. 

AOutStream is the optional stream for the values after decompression using the deflate algorithm. AOutStream is cleared prior to writing the decompressed values from the deflate algorithm to the stream. When AOutStream is omitted, the stream in AStream is cleared and reused for the output from the decompression algorithm.

InflateStream can raise an EIdCompressorInitFailure exception if the ZLib library cannot be initialized using the parameters provided to the method.
InflateStream may raise an EIdDecompressionError exception during the inflate operation. 
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