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TIdCmdTCPServer.OnAfterCommandHandler Event

Represents the event handler signalled after CommandHandler usgage.

property OnAfterCommandHandler: TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent;

OnAfterCommandHandler is a TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent property that represents the event handler signalled following execution of a command handler for a client connection. 

The client connection context generating the command and/or data is passed as an argument to the event handler. 

OnAfterCommandHandler is assigned to the corresponding event handler in TIdCommandHandlers during initialization of the component. OnAfterCommandHandler is triggered in the TIdCommandHandlers.HandleCommand method after checking for a valid command handler in the collection. 

Use OnBeforeCommandHandler to access the client connection context prior to checking for a valid command handler in the collection.

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