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TIdCmdTCPServer.MaxConnectionReply Property

Response used when the maximum number of client connections is exceeded.

property MaxConnectionReply: TIdReply;

MaxConnectionReply is a TIdReply property that represents the response used when the maximum number of client connections to the server is exceeded. MaxConnections indicates the connection limit for the server implementation. 

The default value for the MaxConnectionReply property is assigned during during initialization of the component using the following response code and text: 


Too many connections. Try again later. 


MaxConnectionReply is used when a listener thread for the server cannot accept a new connection when the new connection would exceeed the value in MaxConnections. The generated reply from MaxConnectionReply is written using the IOHandler for the listener thread, and the client connection is Disconnected. 

Resources allocated to the MaxConnectionReply property during component initialization are freed in the Destroy method.

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