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TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent Type

Event type triggered before using a command handler in an executing client connection task.

TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent = procedure (ASender: TIdCmdTCPServer; var AData: string; AContext: TIdContext) of object;
Server that owns the command handler and client context.
Data read from the client context for the pending command handler.
The client context for the event. 

TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent specifies an event type triggered propr to use of a TIdCommandHandler during execution of the task for a client connection. 

ASender is the Server generating the event and the owner of the client context indicated in AContext. 

AData is the data read from the executing client task that will be provided to the command handlers defined for a server instance. 

AContext is the client context for the event, and represents the executing task for the client connection. 

TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent provides a way to access the properties and method of the server or the client context prior to execution of a command handler defined in the server. TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent may also be used to update the values in AData that are passed to the command handler collection. 

TIdCmdTCPServerBeforeCommandHandlerEvent is the event type signalled for the TIdCmdTCPServer.OnBeforeCommandHandler event handler.

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