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TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent Type

Event type triggered after using a command handler in an executing client connection task.

TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent = procedure (ASender: TIdCmdTCPServer; AContext: TIdContext) of object;
Server that owns the command handler and client context.
The client context for the event. 

TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent specifies an event type triggered following use of a TIdCommandHandler during execution of the task for a client connection. 

ASender is the Server generating the event and the owner of the client context indicated in AContext. 

TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent provides a way to access the properties and method of the server or the client context following execution of a command handler defined in the server. 

TIdCmdTCPServerAfterCommandHandlerEvent is the event type signalled for the TIdCmdTCPServer.OnAfterCommandHandler event handler.

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