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TIdBuffer.Create Constructor (TIdBytes, Integer)

Constructor for the object instance.

constructor Create(
    const ABytes: TIdBytes; 
    const ALength: Integer = -1
); overload;
Initial values for the buffer.
Size to pre-allocate for the buffer. Default value is -1. 

Create is an overloaded constructor for the object instance. Create calls the inherited parameter-less constructor. 

ABytes indicates the initial values to use in the internal storage for the buffer. 

ALength indicates teh Size to pre-allocate for the buffer. The default value is -1, and indicates that the actual length of the values in ABytes should be assigned as the Size for the buffer. The values in ABytes are copied through assignment to the buffers' internal storage. When ALength contains zero or a positive number, the value in ALength is stored as the Size for the buffer and CopyTIdBytes is called to load values in ABytes into the internal storage.


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