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TIdBuffer.AsString Property

Provides access to byte values stored in the buffer as a String data type.

property AsString: string;

AsString read-only string property that provides access to byte values stored in the buffer. 

AsString calls BytesToString using the internal TIdBytes storage for the buffer and the value in Size to convert the buffer to a string data type. Unlike the various Extract methods, AsString does not call Remove to physically the byte values from its' internal storage. 

AsString is useful for testing purposes, or to simple verify the contents of a buffer at any point. 

Use PeekByte to access to specific byte value in the buffer using its' zero-based index position. 

Use IndexOf to determine the position in the buffer where a specific sequence of byte values can be found. 

Use one of the Extract routines to read and remove byte values from the buffer, including: 


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