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TIdBaseComponent.CType Method (System.IO.Stream)

Performs type conversion for the platform-specific class instance.

function CType(
    aStream: System.IO.Stream
): TIdStream; overload;
FCL Stream class to convert to a native TStream instance. 

TIdStream - Native stream instance for the type conversion.

CType is an overloaded TIdStream function used to perform type conversion for the platform-specific class instance in aStream. 

CType is available in Visual Studio builds of the Indy library (specifically for VB.Net programs) which do not have access to the implicit conversions in the Borland RTL. 

CType is used to convert the System.IO.Stream instance in aStream to a TIdStream class instance. 

Use overloaded variants of the method to convert an FCL StringCollections class instance to a TIdStrings class instance, and vice-sersa.


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