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Implements TIdAntifreeze functionality.

Process is the overridden implementation of the abstract virtual TIdAntiFreezeBase.Process method. Process inspects the ApplicationHasPriority property to determine the method used to respond to pending messages for the Application. When ApplicationHasPriority contains True, the ProcessMessages method in Application is called. When ApplicationHasPriority contains False, the pending Windows message is dispatched to the HandleMessage method in Application. 


Due to the differences in message dispatching, Process does not use or inspect ApplicationHasPriority on the Linux Platform; Process simply calls Application.ProcessMessages. 

The TIdAntiFreeze.pas unit must NOT appear in the uses clause of any Indy or descendant unit. This unit is linked in an application when the component is placed on a Form. This is done to preserve isolation from the FORMS.PAS and QForms.pas units.

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