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TIdAntiFreezeBase.DoProcess Method

Implements basic Process functionality for descendant classes.

class procedure DoProcess(
    const AIdle: Boolean = true; 
    const AOverride: Boolean = false
True forces an Idle state. Default is True.
True overrides the current OnlyWhenIdle property. Default is False. 

DoProcess is a class procedure that implements the default behavior for the abstract Process method in TIdAntiFreezeBase descendants. DoProcess allows the component to force an idle state in the main thread of execution, and to allow message processing for other threads of execution. 

Set AIdle to True to force an idle state in the main thread regardless of the current OnlyWhenIdle value. Set AIdle to False to use the current OnlyWhenIdle value. The default value for AIdle is True. 

Set AOverride to True to force an idle state in the main thread regardless of either AIdle or OnlyWhenIdle values. Set AOverride to False to allow use of the current values in AIdle or OnlyWhenIdle. The default value for AOverride is False. 

DoProcess calls the Process method in the global GAntiFreeze application variable when the ShouldUse returns True.

TIdAntiFreezeBase can only perform DoProcess when the calling client is the main application thread and the component is Active.

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