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TIdAntiFreezeBase Class

Ancestor for the Indy GUI-integration class.

TIdAntiFreezeBase = class(TIdBaseComponent);

TIdAntiFreezeBase is a TIdBaseComponent descendant that represents the ancestor for the Indy GUI-integration component. 

TIdAntiFreezeBase specifies abstract and virtual methods that allow descendant classes to yield to the application for message handling and processing. 

TIdAntiFreezeBase implements an overridden protected InitComponent method used to initialize property values in the new object instance. InitComponent ensures that the GAntiFreeze application variable is assigned using the current TIdAntiFreezeBase instance. 

At runtime, InitComponent may raise an EIdException exception if an existing TIdAntiFreezeBase descendant has been created in the application. 

InitComponent also ensures that the default value for the following properties: 



Do not create instances of TIdAntiFreezeBase. Applications should create and use instances of the TIdAntiFreeze component.

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