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TEvent.SetEvent Method

Sets the signal for the event.

procedure SetEvent;

SetEvent is a procedure used to ensure that the event handle is signalled in the class instance. 

SetEvent examines the internal handle to determine its' class type, and casts the handle prior to calling the Set method from the Framework class library. 

A thread waits for a signal by calling the WaitFor method in the class instance. If it is in the nonsignaled state, the thread blocks, waiting for the thread that currently controls the resource to signal that the resource is available. 

SetEvent uses the internal waitable handle to signal the release of a waiting thread. 

You can control the initial state of the event intance using the Create constructor by passing the value True if the initial state is signaled and false otherwise. 

Use ResetEvent to clear a signal on the waitable event handle. 

Use WaitFor to retrieve the result from the waitable event handler.

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