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TEvent.Create Constructor (IntPtr, Boolean, Boolean, string)

Constructor for the object instance.

constructor Create(
    EventAttributes: IntPtr; 
    ManualReset: Boolean; 
    InitialState: Boolean; 
    const Name: string = ''
); overload;
Attributes for the event.
Indicates if the event is manually reset.
Inital state values for the FCL class.
Name of the event. Unused. 

Create is the overloaded constructor for the object instance. 

EventAttributes is the attributes for the event, and is provide for compatibility with the inherited constructor. They are not used in the overloaded constructor. 

ManualReset indicates the type of FCL event to create for the object instance. When ManualReset contains True, the event stores a ManualResetEvent object instance with the values in InitialState. When ManualReset contains False, the event stores a AutoResetEvent object instance with the values in InitialState. 

InitialState represents the arguments passed to the ManualResetEvent or AutoResetEvent used in the object instance. 

Name is provided for compatibility with the inherited constructor, but is not used in the overloaded constructor. 

Use Destroy to free the object instance.

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