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TDNSHeader.GenerateBinaryHeader Method

Generates the raw byte values for the DNS header section of a DNS message.

function GenerateBinaryHeader: TIdBytes;

TIdBytes - Raw byte values for the DNS header.

GenerateBinaryHeader is a TIdBytes function used to create the raw byte values that represent the contents of the DNS header fields. 

The return value for the method is the 12 byte values representing the fields as indicated in the following: 


GenerateBinaryHeader converts numeric values in the header from their host-specific byte order representation to their network byte order representation using the TIdStack.HostToNetwork method. 

GenerateBinaryHeader also ensures that reserved values in BitCode are cleared prior to populate the TIdBytes returned from the method. 

Use ParseQuery to populate the poroperty values in the DNS using the raw byte values returned in a DNS query response.

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