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TARecord Class

Represents a resource record returned by a DNS query that includes Host Address record types.

TARecord = class(TRDATARecord);

TARecord is a TRDATARecord descendant that represents a resource record returned in the results for a DNS query. TARecord is the collection item created to represent a resource resource returned when TIDNSResolver.QueryRecords includes the value qtA for Address resource records. 

An Address resource record is used to provide the Internet address of a host server in dotted-decimal form. For example: "" or "". 

An Address resource record uses the same DNS packet layout as other TResultRecord-based responses, but extends the use of RData to include the following definition and format: 



ADDRESS - 32-bit Internet IP address


Hosts that have multiple Internet addresses will have multiple Address resource records.

TResultRecord TRDATARecord TQueryResult TIdDNSResolver.QueryRecords

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