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StrXHtmlEncode Function

Converts a string containing reserved XHTML characters to a string using XHTML Character Entity references.

function StrXHtmlEncode(
    const ASource: String
): String;
Values to be converted to their representation as an XHTML Entity reference. 

String - String containing XHTML Entity references.

StrXHtmlEncode is a String function used to convert values in ASource that may contain reserver XHTML characters to their representation as XHTML CHaracter Entities. 

StrXHtmlEncode will convert the following reserved XHTML characters to the following representations: 




Use StrXHtmlDecode to convert a string containing XHTML Character Entity references to its string representation. 

StrXHtmlEncode encodes the ' character to its representation as the character entity ' which is not defined for HTML 4.

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