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SplitColumns Function

Separates values specified in AData into columns.

procedure SplitColumns(
    const AData: string; 
    AStrings: TIdStrings; 
    const ADelim: string = ' '
Values to be split into columns.
Storage for column values from the input data.
Delimiter used to seperate the column values. Default value is a space character (CHAR32). 

SplitColumns is a procedure used to separate values specified in AData into columns using the delimiter specified in ADelim. 

When omitted, the default value for ADelim is the Space character (CHAR32). 

AStrings is a TIdStrings instance used to store column values parsed from AData using the delimiter indicated in ADelim. AStrings is cleared prior to parsing column values from the input data in AData. 

Columns parsed from AData are trimmed prior to adding to AStrings using the AddObject method in TStringList. 

SplitColumns creates an associated TObject instance in AData that stored an Integer representing the offset of the column data in AData inclusing any leading whitespace or multiple occurrances of the delimiter specified in ADelim. 

It is the programmers responsibility to cast the Object instance to an Integer value when accessing the object reference. 

SplitColumns is used internally in the Indy library when TIdCommandHandler parses command parameters during TIdCommand execution. SplitColumns is also used in TIdFTP and descendant parsers to prepare the formatted FTP directory listing. 

Use SplitColumnsNoTrim to parse data into columns without trimming the resulting column values.

raised when AStrings is unassigned. 
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